Connecting craft brewers
to UK & Irish
beer businesses


Czec Craft Beer

The Czech Craft beer alliance, officially supported by Czech Government business body CzechTrade UK, is to introduce small and medium craft brewers to UK & Irish markets. The Alliance is the official importer to the UK & Ireland and aims to work with distributors, agents and hospitality sector.

  • To introduce high quality, authentic Czech “Real Lager” to the UK and Ireland
  • To enhance your portfolio with craft brands with unique brewing styles and traditions
  • To offer a wide selection of both real lagers and ales with Czech, Bavarian, British and American heritage yet unseen in UK & Ireland
  • To sell Premium craft Beer at reasonable prices thanks to low production and joint logistical effort.
  • To enhance cooperation between Czech and UK brewers & breweries
  • To provide consumers & businesses with genuine real lager education

How to brew a real lager

Czech Craft Beer Alliance

connecting craft brewers to UK & Irish beer businesses