What is the CCBA and how it works?

The Czech Craft beer alliance, officially supported by Czech Government business body CzechTrade UK, is to introduce small and medium craft brewers to UK & Irish markets. The Alliance is the official importer to the UK & Ireland and aims to work with distributors, agents and hospitality sector.

We only represent breweries with lagers 100% committed to traditional Czech brewing such as double mashing (grain is mixed with water), fermentation in open vessels and long maturation in cellars. This also means careful selection of fresh hops and malts from renowned Czech sources. Whilst primarily concentrating on traditional Pilsener lagers, our breweries also offer a wide range of ales that are unique in combining Czech, Bavarian, English and US premium ingredients.

In this way, local beer lovers are getting top quality, unrivalled products so far unavailable in the UK and Ireland. Indeed, whilst Czech beer is generally well established with local consumers, few had the occasion to taste the gems from Czech craft Masterbrewers. We are happy to work together with local distributors in order to fill this market gap and make them deliver.

Czech Craft Beer Alliance

connecting craft brewers to UK & Irish beer businesses