About Bohemian Beer History

It is a real pleasure to quench thirst in Bohemia and the reason being there is not only a where but also with a what! Indeed, we are beer loving nation which can be easily seen on beer consumption statistics with Czech Republic leading the world league (143 litres per year per head), followed by our beer brothers from Germany and Austria.

Brewing started in very early middle ages in Bohemia. The middle ages might have been described as dark age by some yet this was certainly not the case when it comes to Bohemian Brewing. The other way is true actually with Monasteries being real drivers of brewing at these ages.

The earliest monastery brewery in Bohemia was established in Břevnov Monastery in Prague  in 993.  Furthermore, royal towns started brewing with “right to brew” being appointed to guild members. Old Bohemia holds a rather impressive primacy in this regard: The medieval Bohemia Regent brewery brews uninterruptedly since 1379! Located in South Bohemia, the brewery was founded by the powerful medieval Rosenberg noble powerhouse. Also, the Prague Brewery u Fleků has been brewing uninterruptedly since 1499 at the times of King Vladislav of Jagiellonia.

Finally, Bohemia put its decisive mark in the history of brewing again in 1842 when Pilsen Burgher Brewery produced the first batch of the bottom-fermented lager of unprecedented taste. The lager soon became a model and prototype of its kind imitated all over the world

Beer culture is deeply rooted in Bohemia, being featured in films, literature, and even opera. Brewery tours and museums are open throughout the country. Beer is simply much more than a mere drink and its consumption is elevated to soaking atmosphere and a general feeling of well-being. For all these reasons beer simply must be traditionally made in order to deliver in terms of top quality.

So this leaves us with the question how exactly is traditional Czech beer made?

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